Wednesday, 15 October 2008


the October 'there's no point in not being friends with someone if you want to be friends with them' night is part of the one-day Beepfest festival thing.

we are putting on some people in the basement bar. there will also be acoustic sets, and bands playing in the upstairs music hall, too.

the line up is looking like this:

3.30pm - 4pm Sea Devils
4.30pm - 5pm The Junipers
5.30pm - 6pm The Maladies Of Belafontaine
6.30pm - 7pm The Soundcarriers
7.30pm - 8pm Ten Bears
8.30pm - 9pm Magic Arm
9.30pm - 10pm The Beep Seals
10.30pm - 11pm The Answering Machine
11.30pm - Jim Noir

BASEMENT BAR, No Point Not Being Friends - Open 4pm
Thomas Western
Ivan Campo
Ian Hinton-Smith
Richard Barrett (Poetry)
Si Connor
Luke Yates (Poetry)
Jack Cooper
Chris Killen (Poetry)
Denis Jones
Joey Dudderidge
Jenn Ashworth (Fiction)
John Stammers
Socrates Adams-Flou (Fiction)
Liam Frost

it costs £10 for a ticket, and advance ones are selling pretty well, apparently. ( or there should be some left on the door if you get there early.

normal free reading night format will resume in November.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


The reading night is a bit different for October...

We're going to be curating a stage at a mini day-long music festival called 'Beepfest' at The Deaf Institute on the 18th October, which is a Saturday. We'll be returning to the basement for poetry and stories interspersed with acoustic music. Socrates Adams-Florou, Luke Yates, Richard Barrett, Jenn Ashworth and Chris Killen will all be reading, plus more to be confirmed.

There are some ace bands playing upstairs, and it's £10 to get in.

As the 18th is close to the literature festival and blog awards etc, we're going to leave it at this for October, and normal (free) 'no point...' service will be resumed in November.

we'll post more details on here so keep checking.