Wednesday, 6 May 2009

bear with us!

thought it was about time we wrote on here to explain our absence... Don't be alarmed by the seeming lack of activity; like a mass of tadpoles wriggling around in the murky depths of an apparently stagnant pond, there's plenty going on beneath the surface.

To explain - after nine amazing reading nights, we're having a little break. In part, to concentrate on planning a couple of big summer/autumn events we've got coming up (Camp Bestival and the Manchester Literature Festival) but also, because No Point is going to have a bit of a format change when it emerges from its spring cocoon, we think. It may not be monthly anymore, and it might not even be in the same place, but it will definitely 'be', one way or another. And we hope, it will 'be' better than ever.

Thank you for being patient. In the meantime, you can still email us at nopointinnotbeingfriends at gmail dot com if you want to know anything, or tell us anything, or send us jokes etc. that would be nice.