Wednesday, 9 July 2008

the opening night is booked

please come to the Deaf Institute on Oxford Road, at 8pm, on Tuesday the 29th of July, and buy a drink or something and then go downstairs to the basement bar (near the toilets) and hang around and maybe feel a tiny bit awkward if you're on your own, and then hear people read their poems and stories. if you have something you've written, bring that along, as there will be a few 'open mic' slots, too. maybe talk to someone about their reading afterwards. maybe go to the bar again. maybe go outside for a fag. i don't know.

so far, readers include: Nicholas Royle, Peter Wild, and Graham Foster. there will also be a stand up comedy set from Ben Davis.

please check back, as we'll post a full list of scheduled readers once they're confirmed.

in the meantime, please join our facebook group and friend us on myspace.


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