Monday, 12 January 2009

no point in not being friends 7

the next night is booked for Jan 27th, at 8pm.

we have lots of good people booked: M.J. Hyland, Richard Milward, Steven Hall, Blake Butler (for the video reading), Aiden Clarkson, Tim Russell, Sian Cummins, Sally Cook, Jenn Ashworth, Socrates Adams-Florou ...

it is also going to be the official 'launch party' or whatever for The Bird Room by Chris Killen.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for letting me read last night on the open mic slot - really enjoyed it!

A very successful night all round, there are some very talented writers out there, keep it up.

Congrats again to Chris Killen on his publication.

Dave Hartley

Martin Higgins said...

Well done everyone for last night. Quality stuff!

Fat Roland said...

I bloody flipping enjoyed last night. You can tell how much I enjoyed it by my use of shocking language. I bloody flipping enjoyed it, and no mistake.