Wednesday, 18 March 2009

no point in not being friends 9

the next 'no point' night is on Tuesday, March 24th. we thought we had an extra week, and had told people 'the last Tuesday of the month'. sorry about that. it's not. it's NEXT TUESDAY.

lots of good stuff booked:

the launch of Jenn Ashworth's novel, A Kind of Intimacy

a small showcase of writers from a new magazine called Bewilderbliss

a reading by the award-winning science fiction writer Geoff Ryman

the premiere of a short film about MEN by Crispin Best and Socrates Adams-Florou

plus the usual open mic stuff, etc. more TBC.

also, it is going to be the premiere of the 'new format' which involves, 'less people booked to read' and 'more time for drinks/talking at the end/etc.'

please come. it's at the Deaf Institute on Grovesnor St, just off Oxford Rd, and it starts at 8pm-ish in the upstairs room.

Jenn is going on first, i think, as there's going to be a bookstall and things too.

[click the poster for a bigger, readable version]


Martin Higgins said...

I like the poster.

Good poster.

red newsom said...

I want to go to this.

Anybody fancy writing my dissertation whilst I jet (read: train) off to Manchester?


Jenn said...

woo. I like the poster too.

juliobesq said...

Love the poster, sorry to be missing Geoff Ryman, the new austerity means no day trips

rowenaf said...

Is there one in April?

yankunian said...

Soooooooo. Hi. Um, when's the next one? Is there one in April. I know someone already asked that, but you didn't answer them. Now there's two of us. But we're being very patient.

sally cook said...

hi there... sorry to keep you waiting. there will possibly be a no point on May 3rd as part of a charity all-day event at the Deaf Institute, I think. we will furnish everyone with more details when we know them! x

ryan manning said...

A version is an eye movement involving both eyes moving synchronously and symmetrically in the same direction.